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The Testing Process

Assessment usually begins with a question:

"Is my child gifted?"
"How can I find the best schooling for my child?"
"How can I find extra resources to meet my child’s needs?"
"I’m thinking of homeschooling, what do I need to know about his/her strengths and weaknesses?"
"Why is he/she not performing up to potential in school?"
"Why is he/she having so much trouble regulating behavior or emotions?"
"Why doesn’t he/she have any friends?"
"What happened to the motivated curious preschooler with a passion to soak up information day and night? Now that he/she is in middle school the fire is gone; what can be done to bring it back?"

Different types of assessment can help answer these questions. Formulating them is the first step and that takes place at the initial visit. In this 60-90 minute visit, parents and child are introduced to the examiner and the Center, the questions that prompted the testing are formulated and plans are made. Then, one or more testing sessions will occur with the child (generally lasting three to four hours with breaks). For very complex testing, up to six sessions may be required. Parents are asked to fill out forms and a history is taken. Input also can be asked from schools and teachers. At the end of the assessment, a report is produced with recommendations for further consideration, which is presented during a one to three hour feedback session with the examiner and parents.

Psychoeducational testing usually consists of one or two intellectual instruments, a test of visual-motor abilities, a test of expressive vocabulary and achievement testing in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. For children with more extensive issues such as possible learning problems, AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, or other social and emotional problems, more extensive assessment is available using neuropsychological instruments, diagnostic achievement tests and checklists. Also emotional functioning can be assessed for children using projective instruments.

The Gifted Resource Center of New England offers a variety of assessment services. These can include intellectual, achievement, neuropsychological testing and testing for social and emotional status.

Waiting List

Because of the demand for testing assessments, there is usually a waiting list, especially for more extensive assessments as these take a significant amount of time both for administration and write-up Please check the status of the list by calling the main number: (401-421-3426)

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