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The Gifted Resource Center of New England


Contact the Gifted Resource Center of New England with questions and comments, and for appointment scheduling and consultation.

Gifted Resource Center of New England
P.O. Box 40326, Providence, RI 02940-0326
(401) 421-3426

Email and/or any attached documents are susceptible to data corruption, interception, unauthorized amendment, viruses or other forms of tampering. As a result, I send and receive emails on the understanding that I am not liable for any such corruption, interception, amendment, virus, tampering or related consequences of such acts. Please note that email transmissions are capable of being intercepted, so any private or confidential information that is sent or received cannot have its privacy guaranteed. By requesting an emailed response to your inquiry, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks to your (or your patient's) privacy and indicating that you will take responsibility for any related consequences.

You may call me at 401-421-3426. If you decide to email me please use your child’s initial, and not full name. Thank you.